Yannick Loranger - Owner and Multi-species Guide

Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Yannick started fishing at a very young age and never looked back. After moving to Rockland in 2007, he was disappointed to realize there were no local guides to put him on the fast track to learning the Ottawa River. Luckily, his knowledge and skills acquired on the north end of the river, Lake Temiskmaming as a youth proved to be very useful on the Lower Ottawa River. After intensive learning through trial and error and hundreds of days on the water, Yannick founded Ottawa River Guided Fishing in 2010 and has since guided over 1500 anglers in the stretch of the Ottawa River between Petrie Island and Wendover. His specialty is walleye, but he's very comfortable with musky, crappie, pike, bass, and has a unique appreciation for the hard fighting and plentiful channel catfish.